Jewelry Journey

Cao jewel diamond launch!

Having been in loose diamond trading for years, I’m so glad to tell that my first diamond brand will be official launch. This time isn’t my first time start up but still a little bit nerved but can’t help be excited.

There are many options and kinds of design for jewelry trend but I expect that the philosophy and care behind my brand will create special value. Since based on wholesale business model, Cao jewel diamond still offer mass- produced with reasonable price. However we also offer our creative custom design.

The jewelry featured on Cao jewel diamond includes a wide range of styles and other gemstones. But it is in all common: true quality and special value!! Each of diamond has own story. Each of customers has own remark memory. That’s why Cao jewel will be consultant and a story keeper for its customer. We will tell people story behind your diamond.

By choosing Cao jewel diamond, you are supporting our team passion for excellent and fine design, hard working as well as supporting for a small business.

This is just first initial line up of Cao jewel diamond, (of my journey), there’s going more to come to build up the brand. Of course, I will appreciated and believe that my lovely friend will support and share with me the road to Rome. Together we can make memory, history and value.

Keep eyes out, we’ll be taking a close look at all of it soon!

Founder & Ceo

Thanh Cao