Black diamond – a treasure from the meteor

Ancient legend has it that black diamond is the only gem that doesn’t appear on the earth in the usual way like other gems, but is formed from a meteor explosion and falls to the earth in the meteor shower. Therefore, the black diamond itself has mystical values and is worshiped as a treasure of God, a masterpiece from the universe with age of 3.8 billion years.

Precisely because it is the only gemstone that does not follow the laws of natural mineral formation, black diamonds are almost never found on the fields of the world’s mines or areas containing many valuable minerals. Black diamonds were found only in South America (Brazil) and the Central African Republic because the two continents were still an unbroken strip of unity as of today.

Black is one of the most dominant colors when it comes to a person’s choice as to what color they want a specific item or product to be. Black prevails all, this dominance and preference of black over other colors can be seen reaching the area of the jewelry industry. The industry which ran on the sale of gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds is now seeing Black Diamonds attain more limelight and popularity.

The purchase of Black Diamonds over other types of diamonds and highly compressed carbonated stones have seen an upcoming rise. This rise in the sale may be due to the reason, of people finding black diamonds more elegante and classy.

These black diamonds are now becoming popular among teenagers and the youth, as these black diamond gems tend to appear very simple yet out of the ordinary. Black diamonds are also striving to become more popular in as non-conventional engagement rings and other jewels.

This may sound like a very basic question, but if you go around asking people “What are black diamonds?” you will find a variety of different answers.

But here is a definition to explain for you to get know clear

Black diamonds and colorless diamonds share the same basic structure. By other words, they are mostly the same. However, Black Diamonds present a peculiar singularity, the black color is the result of the induced graphite inclusion during the diamond’s formation under the Earth’s surface.

Natural Black Diamonds present a “polycrystalline” structure, which creates the opaque black color with almost no reflection. Therefore, the graphite inclusion is the only aspect that differentiates Black Diamonds from any other diamond.


So there are basically three varieties of black diamonds and three different price ranges. As we already mentioned above the natural form of black diamonds are called carbonados and are casually known as fancy black diamonds. The most preferred and searched diamonds are the man-made black diamonds, which are also the most expensive.

To help you understand better we have provided details down of type down below:


The origin of these naturally occurring black diamonds is still put up for questioning and hasn’t been fully clarified until now. But it’s known to be an impure form polycrystalline diamond with a large number of impurities.

While other natural color diamonds get their color due to the addition of impurities during the manufacturing process (addition of boron leads to the formation of blue diamonds), natural black diamonds are regular colorless white diamonds with high amounts of impurity present in them.

These natural black diamonds are found in countries like Brazil and the Central African Republic.

TREATED BLACK DIAMONDSThere are regular white diamonds (or transparent diamonds, or colorless diamonds, whichever you prefer) which have a great number of inclusions present in them. These diamonds are low priced and are not used in making jewelry or other exquisite products. Rather these diamonds are approved and preferred to be used as industry-based diamonds.

So to produce black diamonds we treat these industry-based diamonds with the help of heat and irradiations. This treatment gives the regular white diamonds a black color look which in turn produces black diamonds.

The treatment is done in such a way that, the diamond acquires a very dark green color that appears black to the eye.

These treated black diamonds are commonly called as ‘colorless treated black diamonds’ or ‘black colored diamonds’. As these black diamonds are formed by the treatment of low priced diamonds, these ‘treated black diamonds’ are one of the cheapest types of black diamonds available in the market.

MAN-MADE BLACK DIAMONDS  These are one of the most expensive types of diamonds available in the market. These diamonds are also known as synthetic black diamonds or lab-grown black diamonds. These man-made diamonds are made by hi-tech companies and are synthetic diamonds. These diamonds have the same look and feel of a black diamond but as they are synthetically produced these tend to be more expensive.

Another part of this type is known as ‘stimulant black diamond’, which are somewhat similar to regular black diamonds.

Many believe that the production of black diamonds synthetically is not very economically or profitable.


Genuine Black Diamonds are very rare and they are one of the most valuable diamonds in the world. The prices for this type of diamond can range between $3000 and $5000 per carat. At least 10 times more than a heat – treated Black Diamond.

Just so you have an idea, Black Diamonds as mostly found in one particular continent, South America, most precisely in Brazil. Additionally, heat treated diamonds run around $300 per carat.

What value does black diamond bring to you?

But more than rare or luxurious values, black diamonds also possess a priceless value that no other gem has: the ability to harmonize. Indian legend recounts that whenever conflicts or tribal wars occur, people only need to touch the mysterious black stone to make every conflict seem to be resolved. So the ancient Indians always had a strong belief in the power of the deep black from the miraculous black stone because it contained special powers that could resolve all contradictions and reconcile opposites between all creation.

Feng shui believes that possessing black diamonds means you possess powerful and eternal energy of the earth and water (of the black five elements of the water element) – an energy source that is considered to bring money. talent, fame and authority for the owner. So black diamond has long become a symbol of royal status, the pride of the rulers and the miraculous stone that helps bring good luck in business of merchants.

Particularly in the field of fashion, high-end brands or famous designers all consider black diamond as a lifeline to create luxury products for the elite – manufactured items. with extremely limited numbers to become great products. From Lana Marks’ Cleopatra bag studded with 1,500 black and white diamonds priced at $ 100,000, or Victoria Secret’s $ 5,000,000 bra made from 3,900 gems, mostly black diamonds with points pressing is a pair of 100-carat black diamonds, even Gold vist or Vertu phones must also rely on the mysterious and powerful attraction of black diamonds to bring their products to the unique position in the territory of the world. the most luxurious masterpiece …

Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima with Fantasy Bra’s $ 5 million brand of Victoria’s Secret is made up of 3,900 gems of which are mainly black diamonds, with the highlight is a pair of diamonds weighing 100 carats in water droplets.

Lana Marks’ Cleopatra bag with 1,500 black and white diamonds costs $ 100,000

Dressed in black – the color of the mysterious night, the vast universe or the deep sea … black diamond gives people a sense of an elegant style, luxurious, powerful and very trendy with the same depth and charisma hard to describe – a total beauty of all beauty. For thousands of years that passion has not changed, the black diamond is becoming more and more rare and has always been one of the mysterious jewelry symbolizing authority and wealth.

So do you want to have a black diamond for your own?

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